Contact Us

If you have an enquiry please send an email to the Clerk to the council in the first instance.

Please do not include any personal details beyond those necessary to initiate the enquiry.

 Below are other related contacts.

Clerk to the Parish Council

( or

Correspondence - tba

Other Governmental elected representatives

Your District Councillor - Fosseridge

Mr Julian Beale - - 01451 831573

Your County Councillor - Campden-Vale Division

Mr Lynden Stowe - -  01386 438270

Your Member of Parliament  - Cotswold

Mr Geoffery Clifton-Brown MP -

Your Members of the European Parliament

Clare Moody (Labour) -

Ashley Fox (Conservative) -

Molly Scott Cato (Green) -

William (The Earl of) Dartmouth (UKIP) -

Julia Reid (UKIP) -

Julie Girling (Conservative) -