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Council Meetings

The agenda and minutes displayed here are representative copies of the originals for ease of access, the Clerk also holds the signed hard copies.

Previous agenda and minutes are available here in the archive.

This page contains multiple meeting minutes and / or agenda, please scroll down to view, the archive page (link above) only contains minutes older than those displayed here.


Dear Councillors


I hereby give notice of summons to attend an Ordinary meeting of the Parish Council that will be held at the Longborough Village Hall on Monday 15th July 2019 to commence at 7.30pm.

The meeting shall commence with a public question time. Members are reminded that all meetings are subject to the Standing Orders of the Council which are reviewed annually.


Jenny Walsh

Clerk to the Parish Council 8th July 2019


Meeting Agenda


  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Declarations of Interest - Members must declare any interest as it arises


  1. Public Participation -Members of the public may address the Council before the meeting on any topic included in this agenda for a maximum of 3 minutes. Total time allowed for public speaking each meeting is 10 minutes.

  1. Election of councillor (dispensation to permit deferred Acceptance of Office granted 13/05/19)


  1. Approval of minutes: The minutes of the Annual and Ordinary meetings held on 13th May 2019 (previously circulated).


  1. Any Matters Arising: from the last meeting, but not an agenda item (For information only)

  1. Street name signs

  2. Repairs to noticeboard outside village hall

  3. Play Ranger dates for 2019 – Thursdays 22nd August and 31st October at the cricket club


  1. County Councillor’s Report


  1. Ward Councillor’s Report


  1. Correspondence

    1. Plum Tree 2 development – liaison with developers re ditch and footpath- update from Chairman


  1. Finance

    1. Monthly finance reports

    2. Approval of payments for June July 2019

    3. Award of donations to local organisations- applications for 2019 (see Part Two Items for confidential session below)

    4. Approval of expenditure on two replacement toddler swing seats at the playground


  1. Planning/Licencing

    1. Planning/Licensing Applications received


    1. Planning/Licensing Application Decisions:


    1. Planning matters general: Complaints regarding on-going building work at Amberley; also construction traffic issues at Plum Tree 2 development



  1. Repairs and maintenance

    1. Replacement posts to ‘no parking’ signs on village green

    2. Drains on the Ashwell

    3. Public benches in the parish

    4. Slabs by the school entrance ( adjacent to bus shelter)


  1. Highways

    1. Highway defects list

    2. New street name signs – Orchard Rise and High Street

    3. Wheelie bin ‘20mph’ sitckers


  1. Additional items to be brought to our attention

  1. Review of council’s website

  2. Neighbourhood/parish plan

  3. CDC call for suggested sites for housing etc. (SHELAA)

  4. Calendar of meetings for 2020

  5. Longborough Neighbourhood Watch

  6. Consideration of changes to procedures for public participation

  7. Local Neighbourhood Watch scheme



Pt.1 Consideration of grant applications received in 2019


The next meeting will be on Monday 9th September 2019 at 7.30pm.



Note that there are two minutes for Monday 13th May, the annual meeting and the ordinary parish council meeting, both are presented below.



DRAFT - Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish Council held at the Longborough Village Hall on Monday 13th May 2019 at 7.00 pm.


Present: Cllrs A Driver, R Green, J Marley, S Mathers, J Mc Donagh, R Wheeler.

Also present: County Councillor Lynden Stowe and Clerk to the Council, Jenny Walsh

6 members of the public were present


Declarations of Acceptance of Office forms for Messrs Driver, Green, Marley, Mathers, McDonagh and Wheeler were received and counter-signed by the Clerk (Proper Officer). New councillors were welcomed to the Parish Council.



  1. Election of Chairman

Charles Taverner, outgoing Chairman of the Parish Council, gave a brief resume of significant achievements for the parish council during his tenure. He thanked all his fellow councillors who had worked with him, in particular Tim Gardner, who had served on the council for 34 years before his retirement from the local council in 2019. Mr Taverner then asked for nominations for the position of Chairman. Cllr Mc Donagh proposed Cllr Mathers and was seconded by Cllr Driver. Cllr Mathers was unanimously elected by a show of hands and took the Chair. The Clerk also read out a letter from Tim Garner which similarly extended his good wishes to the new councillors and expressed his plans to focus on new projects now that he had left the council. The Chairman thanked both Charles Taverner and Tim Gardner for their hard work and commitment to the village. The Clerk reported that an informal gathering to celebrate with Cllrs Taverner and Gardner, had been held earlier in Apri.l


  1. Election of Vice Chair/s

The Chairman asked for nominations for the two positions of Vice Chair for the Council. Cllr McDonagh proposed Cllr Driver and was seconded by Cllr Marley. Following a show of hands, Cllr Driver was unanimously appointed to the position of Vice Chair. It was agreed to consider a second Vice Chair appointment at the next council meeting in July.


  1. Dispensation requests

The Clerk reported that following successful election on 2nd May, Cllr-Elect Tim Howse had notified her that he was unable to attend the first meeting of the Council and therefore asked if Council would agree to accept his apologies and defer his formal Acceptance of Office until the next meeting in July. Following a vote, it was unanimously agreed to accept Mr Howse’s apologies and permit him to join the Council on 15th July 2019.


  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were accepted from District Councillor Julian Beale, and Mr Tim Howse( item 3 above).


  1. Declarations of Interest – Members must declare any interest as it arises

There were no declarations made in relation to items on this agenda. Councillors were circulated Declaration of Financial Interest forms to complete and return to the Clerk.


  1. Councillor Representatives on local bodies: This matter would be considered at the Ordinary meeting of the council.



The meeting closed at 7.22pm



Chairman Date





DRAFT - Minutes of the Ordinary meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.30pm on Monday 13th May 2019 at Longborough Village Hall.


Present: Cllrs A Driver Vice Chair), R Green, J Marley, S Mathers, (Chair), J McDonagh, R Wheeler.

Also present: County Councillor L Stowe and Parish Clerk, Jenny Walsh. Also 6 members of the public.



  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were accepted from District Councillor J Beale and Mr Tim Howse.


  1. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations made in relation to items on this agenda.


  1. Public Participation - Reminder to members of the Public that they may address the Council briefly before the meeting for a total of 10 minutes (3 mins. per speaker with overall time limit of 10 minutes for all matters raised) on items of concern.

Mrs Wreay handed correspondence to the Clerk regarding the on-going issues of odour and noise near to their property.

Mrs Wright objected to the draft Minutes of the LPC meeting held on 11th March claiming they misrepresented what she had said during the meeting.


  1. Approval of minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 11th March 2019 were agreed unanimously and duly signed by the Chairman.


  1. Any Matters Arising: from the last meeting, but not an agenda item (For information only)

    1. Victorian lanterns – The Clerk was pleased to report that the traditional lanterns had now all been installed on agreed locations in the village.


  1. County Councillor’s Report – Cllr Stowe provided a summary of the past year and explained that increases in Council Tax had been necessary to maintain the level of support for adult and childrens' social care for which substantial increased need had arisen in 2018/19. Grant aid for community projects was still available and the council was encouraged to continue to circulate any issues relating to Highway or transport matters to him and GCC.


  1. Ward Councillor’s Report - Cllr Beale had given his apologies and had informed the Clerk that he would report on the outcome of the District elections at our next meeting and also that he had been successful in securing the full grant of £1,000 in respect of support towards youth activities in Longborough.


  1. Correspondence

    1. Plum Tree 2 development – liaison with developers re ditch and footpath – Councillors had been previously circulated notes of an informal meeting with the developers and Parish Councillors held in April 2019 which were noted. The Clerk would notify the developers of the change in council structure so that communications could continue uninterrupted. Questions were raised regarding the housing mix for the new development and dismay was expressed that despite there being evidence that local views had been sought and responded to, the final plans for housing appeared not to reflect the community consensus. The Clerk explained that national and Local Plan strategies may have overruled the local position.


  1. Finance

    1. Approval of Annual Statement of Governance including Internal Audit report 2018/19- The Clerk and RFO reported that an Independent Audit had been successfully concluded by Amanda Smith, Accounts Ability. Annual risk assessments had been carried out and a review of financial policies and procedures had also been satisfactory. Cllr Driver proposed that the Annual Statement of Governance be signed. Seconded Cllr McDonagh and agreed unanimously.

    2. Approval of Annual draft final accounts for 2018/19- Draft final accounts had been previously circulated to councillors. Following questions, it was agreed unanimously to approve the draft accounts. As a small authority of less than £25k income, a Certificate of Exemption from External Audit, was duly approved and signed.

    3. Approval of payments for May 2019 – A list of payments for April and May had been circulated.

The payments were unanimously approved. HMRC April- £23.60, May £23.80; Salary Clerk (DP); ROSPA £82.20; Fasthosts April-£5.99, May- £5.99.


The Clerk/RFO explained banking arrangements and asked for the names of at least two Councillors who would be willing to become signatories on the Council’s bank account. Cllr Wheeler would continue as a signatory and Cllr Driver would be added to the bank mandate which was agreed unanimously.


  1. Planning/Licencing

    1. Planning/Licensing Applications received

19/00949/CLEUD The Bothy– Certificate of lawful existing use; also 19/0529/CLEUD at Garden Cottage, The Bothy. No objections to these applications.

19/01157/FUL –Greyes, Old Rectory Gardensvarious works including removal of conservatory; new single storey extension and new dormer window. No objections.

19/01360/FUL retrospective variation of Condition 2 of approved plans re Sezincote and Longborough cricket club. No objections.


    1. Planning/Licensing Application Decisions:

There were no decision notices received.


  1. Repairs and maintenance

i. Bus Shelter- Ivy overgrown needs cutting back- Thanks were extended to Cllr Driver for undertaking this work.

ii. Steps to footpath (West of Plum Tree Close) – this formed part of the discussion with developers (see item 8:I above).

iii. Repairs to noticeboard outside village hall – Cllrs Driver and Green kindly agreed to look into this matter.


  1. Highways

i. 20 mph signs on Ganborough Hill –Cllr Stowe would investigate as to whether there being only a sign on one side of the road would make it enforceable for vehicles travelling on both sides.

ii. Street Name Signs – Clerk to progress with CDC.

iii. Highway defects list as at April 2019 – The Clerk asked for councillors to notify her of any new issues that needed to be reported to GCC Highways.

iv) Cllr Wheeler asked about progress with investigating the possibility of ANPR cameras being installed in Longborough. Cllr Stowe, who was asked for the County’s position on this, explained that there were no cameras of this kind installed in the North Cotswolds and he doubted whether there was sufficient evidence of road safety or Crime-related statistics to facilitate funding towards the £10k cost of such equipment. The Clerk would contact Joseph Walker at CDC regarding information on a Neighbourhood Plan for Longborough that could highlight key priorities such as crime and road safety.


  1. Additional items to be brought to our attention

  1. Annual playground inspection report and consideration of action regarding repair to fencing and replacement toddler swing seat – following the annual external examination of the playground, the above two items were flagged up for attention. Cllrs Driver and Green agreed to carry out an inspection and report back to the Clerk on what was required.

  2. Play Rangers dates for 2019 – following confirmation from Cllr Beale, that the Parish Council would be able to receive the full £1k in grant aid towards the cost of Play Rangers activities this year, the Clerk was now in progress of ascertaining available dates for the events and would report back in due course.

  3. Councillor training sessions –The Clerk would obtain dates for Chairmanship training with GAPTC and report back. Cllr Beale would be contacted to ask if he could organize planning training to be delivered to all councillors as soon as possible.

  4. Assignment of Councillor responsibilities – The following areas of responsibility were assigned:

Finance and budgetary control – Cllrs Mathers and Driver

Open spaces (play equipment etc.) Cllr Driver and Green

Highways and traffic – Cllr Mathers

Liaison with village school – Cllr Driver

Liaison with local church – Cllr Marley

  1. Review of Emergency Plan contacts - Cotswold District Council

The Clerk explained that Cotswold District Council had overall responsibility for co ordinating procedures in the event of a major incident in the area and that an Emergency Strategy Plan was produced as a result. CDC had now asked the Clerk to provide the names and contact details of Councillors who could be a point of contact for Longborough with the District if such an incident occurred. Cllrs Mathers and Driver agreed to do this.

  1. Review of Parish Plan – The Chairman reported that a review of the parish plan would be carried out soon and contact would be made with CDC officer Joseph Walker for advice on a possible neighbourhood plan.


The meeting closed at 9.27pm


Signed Dated

The next meeting will be on Monday 15th July 2019 at 7.30pm.






Minutes of meeting held on Monday 11th March 2019 at Longborough Village Hall

Present Cllrs: T Gardner (Vice Chair), P Nevin, R Wheeler, J McDonagh.

Also present Jennifer Walsh, Acting Clerk. There were 10 members of the Public present.

  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from District Councillor Beale, Parish Cllrs Taverner, Hayes and Alvis.

  1. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest made.

  1. Public Participation

  1. Mrs Margaret Wreay provided an update on correspondence concerning noise problem emanating from the drainage chamber by the children’s playground. The Wreays believed that the noise had increased since the Plum Tree development had been built in 2012. Cllr Gardner also handed other previous correspondence from the Wreays, to the Clerk for filing.

  2. Mrs Wright complained that she had been unable to find a document on the council’s website; that a Councillor had been rude to her; that, in her opinion, Longborough Parish Council had failed to act adequately in relation to the Plum Tree 2 development; and that council tax from the parish precept was too high and did not represent good value.

  3. Mr Pye enquired about the annual village Spring Clean and was thanked for his offer of assistance in the scheme. Mrs Mathers agreed to circulate a notice on the LongboroughTalk email system asking for volunteers.

  4. Mr Howse enquired about work having commenced on the Plum Tree 2 development when a planning condition to not commence work until a construction method statement had been approved had not been met. Mr Howse had reported this to CDC planning enforcement team who were investigating the matter.

  1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held 14th January 2019 were approved unanimously and duly signed by Vice Chair Cllr Gardner.

  1. Any Matters Arising

5.1 Update on purchase of memorial plaque at playground

Cllr Gardner reported that a plaque in memoriam of Sue Webber had now been completed and Mr Webber was assisting with a date to perform a ceremony at the playground where the plaque will be uncovered.

5.2 Steps to footpath west of Plum Tree Close

Cllr Gardner reported that the steps in question belonged to a private owner but it was possible that Piper Homes may assist in upgrading the adjoining steps to the permissive footpath.

5.3 Ivy on bus shelter

Cllr Mc Donagh agreed to attend to this.

5.4 Update on lanterns in Longborough

The Acting Clerk confirmed that she had received confirmation from the Head of Street Lighting at GCC, that the planned installation date for new lighting was April 2019.

  1. County Councillor’s Report

County Councillor Stowe was unable to attend.

  1. Ward Councillor’s Report

District Councillor Beale had given his apologies.


  1. Correspondence

Email report from Ms Hancock, a resident, regarding repairs and maintenance to benches and white gate posts on the perimeter of the village was now in hand.

  1. Finance

9.1 Approval of Payments – the following payments were approved unanimously: Payments for March: Clerks Salary (data protected), expenses Jan to Mar- £75, GAPTC subscription £121.51, SLCC subscription£76, HMRC £67.20, webhosting £5.99.Payments for January and February: materials for repairs - £35, Acting Clerk pay – (data protected), HMRC - £60.20, Xmas Tree-£108.80, Mem. Plaque - £25, hire of village hall for LPC meetings 2019 - £96, Grounds maintenance 2018 - £1,203, IT- £5.99.

9.2 Reports to end of February 2019- Monthly income and expenditure plus cash book balances had been previously circulated and contents noted.

9.3 Update on grant support for youth activities – Cllr Beale had confirmed his support for the council’s application towards youth activities that had been submitted by the Acting Clerk. The application was now awaiting committee approval.

9.4 Reimbursement of costs relating to repairs of Waterstiles footpath- The Clerk would contact GCC footpaths team to enquire about ownership of the footpath and discuss the work that was required

9.5 Banking arrangements – Lloyds bank had now approved online banking for the Acting Clerk. Permission to obtain a business debit card was approved unanimously.

9.6 Approval of contractor for annual playground inspection – Play Scapes Ltd were approved for a further year at a price of £68.50.

9.7 Appointment of Internal Auditor – Mrs Amanda Smith was appointed for a further year at the same price as 2017 of £55.

9.8 Gazebo for community use- following a query from Les Webber, it was confirmed that the gazebo had been destroyed following storm damage some years ago and also that no invoice or other documentary proof of purchase was available, therefore the parish council could not reimburse the purchaser for the item.

  1. Planning/Licensing

10.1 Applications Received:

19/00038/COMPLY -Plum Tree 2 development

The council had originally objected to this application. However, following written assurances from the developers that all possible measures had or would in the future, would be undertaken, the objection was subsequently withdrawn as set out below:

  • The need for an automated failure warning system - the applicant, Piper Homes Ltd, has agreed to provide this.

  • Installation of macerators - this was found not to be practical and, as an alternative, Piper Homes has agreed to provide an automatic switching system between the sewage pump in use and the reserve equipment and to link it to the automated warning system.

  • Appointment of maintenance contractor - this item is premature and, were a contactor named in the planning documents, it could prove difficult to remove a firm whose performance was not satisfactory. It cannot therefore be pursued.

  • Removal of a short length of footpath - a revised plan has been submitted excluding this short section of path.

19/00586/FUL - variation to approved planning for Orchard Cottage, Moreton Rd, Longborough – the council had no objections to the variations in this application.

1900481/LBC & FUL – Single storey extension and glass panels at the Old Bakehouse, Longborough- pending a response.


  1. Repairs and Maintenance

11.1 Repairs to noticeboard outside village hall –It had been ascertained that the notice board was the property of the parish council and Cllrs McDonagh and Nevin would investigate quotes for repairs.

11.2 Minor works contractor – Mr Penfold was approved as minor works contractor for the council on a needs basis and would submit quotations for any necessary repairs in advance of carrying out work.

11.3 Playground safety – regular checks –Mr and Mrs Wreay kindly agreed to conduct routine inspections on a regular basis and report any problems to the Clerk.

  1. Highways

12.1 20 mph signs on Ganborough Hill – The Clerk agreed to enquire about enforcement for the signs which were only placed on one side of the road

12.2 Street Name Signs – The Clerk would report repairs/replacements required at Orchard Rise and The Folly.

12.3 defects progress against November meeting plan – The updated list had been forwarded to Rhodri Grey at GCC.


  1. Additional items to be brought to our attention

    1. Parish Plan – Nothing further to report.

13.2 Register of Members Interests – No Changes.

13.3 Cotswold District Local Plan 2011-2031 – A copy of the full Plan had now been received and was available for councillors to peruse.

13.4 Calendar of meetings in 2019 and date for Annual Parish Assembly 2019 – Revision of May meeting date to previously circulated meeting dates. May meeting and Annual Parish Assembly will be held on MONDAY 13th MAY commencing at 7pm followed by the Annual and Ordinary meetings of the new council.

13.5 Local Elections –information was provided on the procedures for the forthcoming elections to be held on 2nd May 2019.

13.6 ANPR monitoring cameras – Cllr Wheeler provided the Clerk with information from Bourton on the Water PC regarding cameras that they had installed in the town. This matter would be included on the next agenda for the parish council.

13.7 Flooding on Moreton Road –The Clerk agreed to report problems to GCC Highways which have occurred since Thames Water undertook some works in 2018.

13.8 Vote of thanks- Cllr Gardner, who had worked continuously as a Longborough Parish Councillor since 1985 and who had decided not to stand again in the forthcoming elections, extended his thanks to all his fellow councillors, staff, representatives from other local organisations and members of the community, for their assistance and support during all of his time on the parish council. In return, on behalf of those members of the public who were present, Mrs Wreay thanked Cllr Gardner for all his tireless work for the community of Longborough and sent their good wishes to him for a long and happy retirement from local government life.

The public were asked to leave the meeting at this stage.


The Council resolved unanimously to move into private (confidential) session for the following item due to it contained matters regarding staffing matters.

PT2.1 To agree appointment of a Parish Clerk

It was agreed unanimously that Mrs Jennifer Walsh be re-appointed as Clerk to the council wef 1st April 2019 on her previous pay scale of SCP 26 and all Terms and Conditions of Service to remain unchanged.

The Parish Assembly meeting will be on Monday 13th May 2019 at 7.00pm, followed by the Annual Meeting of the Council and Ordinary meeting.



Meeting closed at 9.45 pm

Signed: (Chairman) Date:






Please check the archive for previous minutes.