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Council Meetings

The agenda and minutes displayed here are representative copies of the originals for ease of access, the Clerk also holds the signed hard copies.

Previous agenda and minutes are available here in the archive.

This page contains multiple meeting minutes and / or agenda, please scroll down to view, the archive page (link above) only contains minutes older than those displayed here.



DRAFT Minutes of meeting held on Monday 11th March 2019 at Longborough Village Hall

Present Cllrs: T Gardner (Vice Chair), P Nevin, R Wheeler, J McDonagh.

Also present Jennifer Walsh, Acting Clerk. There were 10 members of the Public present..

  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from District Councillor Beale, Parish Cllrs Taverner, Hayes and Alvis.

  1. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest made.

  1. Public Participation

  1. Mrs Margaret Wreay provided an update on correspondence concerning noise problem emanating from the drainage chamber by the children’s playground. The Wreays believed that the noise had increased since the Plum Tree development had been built in 2012. Cllr Gardner also handed other previous correspondence from the Wreays, to the Clerk for filing.

  2. Mrs Wright complained that she had been unable to find a document on the council’s website; that a Councillor had been rude to her; that, in her opinion, Longborough Parish Council had failed to act adequately in relation to the Plum Tree 2 development; and that council tax from the parish precept was too high and did not represent good value.

  3. Mr Pye enquired about the annual village Spring Clean and was thanked for his offer of assistance in the scheme. Mrs Mathers agreed to circulate a notice on the LongboroughTalk email system asking for volunteers.

  4. Mr Howse enquired about work having commenced on the Plum Tree 2 development when a planning condition to not commence work until a construction method statement had been approved had not been met. Mr Howse had reported this to CDC planning enforcement team who were investigating the matter.

  1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held 14th January 2019 were approved unanimously and duly signed by Vice Chair Cllr Gardner.

  1. Any Matters Arising

5.1 Update on purchase of memorial plaque at playground

Cllr Gardner reported that a plaque in memoriam of Sue Webber had now been completed and Mr Webber was assisting with a date to perform a ceremony at the playground where the plaque will be uncovered.

5.2 Steps to footpath west of Plum Tree Close

Cllr Gardner reported that the steps in question belonged to a private owner but it was possible that Piper Homes may assist in upgrading the adjoining steps to the permissive footpath.

5.3 Ivy on bus shelter

Cllr Mc Donagh agreed to attend to this.

5.4 Update on lanterns in Longborough

The Acting Clerk confirmed that she had received confirmation from the Head of Street Lighting at GCC, that the planned installation date for new lighting was April 2019.

  1. County Councillor’s Report

County Councillor Stowe was unable to attend.

  1. Ward Councillor’s Report

District Councillor Beale had given his apologies.


  1. Correspondence

Email report from Ms Hancock, a resident, regarding repairs and maintenance to benches and white gate posts on the perimeter of the village was now in hand.

  1. Finance

9.1 Approval of Payments – the following payments were approved unanimously: Payments for March: Clerks Salary (data protected), expenses Jan to Mar- £75, GAPTC subscription £121.51, SLCC subscription£76, HMRC £67.20, webhosting £5.99.Payments for January and February: materials for repairs - £35, Acting Clerk pay – (data protected), HMRC - £60.20, Xmas Tree-£108.80, Mem. Plaque - £25, hire of village hall for LPC meetings 2019 - £96, Grounds maintenance 2018 - £1,203, IT- £5.99.

9.2 Reports to end of February 2019- Monthly income and expenditure plus cash book balances had been previously circulated and contents noted.

9.3 Update on grant support for youth activities – Cllr Beale had confirmed his support for the council’s application towards youth activities that had been submitted by the Acting Clerk. The application was now awaiting committee approval.

9.4 Reimbursement of costs relating to repairs of Waterstiles footpath- The Clerk would contact GCC footpaths team to enquire about ownership of the footpath and discuss the work that was required

9.5 Banking arrangements – Lloyds bank had now approved online banking for the Acting Clerk. Permission to obtain a business debit card was approved unanimously.

9.6 Approval of contractor for annual playground inspection – Play Scapes Ltd were approved for a further year at a price of £68.50.

9.7 Appointment of Internal Auditor – Mrs Amanda Smith was appointed for a further year at the same price as 2017 of £55.

9.8 Gazebo for community use- following a query from Les Webber, it was confirmed that the gazebo had been destroyed following storm damage some years ago and also that no invoice or other documentary proof of purchase was available, therefore the parish council could not reimburse the purchaser for the item.

  1. Planning/Licensing

10.1 Applications Received:

19/00038/COMPLY -Plum Tree 2 development

The council had originally objected to this application. However, following written assurances from the developers that all possible measures had or would in the future, would be undertaken, the objection was subsequently withdrawn as set out below:

  • The need for an automated failure warning system - the applicant, Piper Homes Ltd, has agreed to provide this.

  • Installation of macerators - this was found not to be practical and, as an alternative, Piper Homes has agreed to provide an automatic switching system between the sewage pump in use and the reserve equipment and to link it to the automated warning system.

  • Appointment of maintenance contractor - this item is premature and, were a contactor named in the planning documents, it could prove difficult to remove a firm whose performance was not satisfactory. It cannot therefore be pursued.

  • Removal of a short length of footpath - a revised plan has been submitted excluding this short section of path.

19/00586/FUL - variation to approved planning for Orchard Cottage, Moreton Rd, Longborough – the council had no objections to the variations in this application.

1900481/LBC & FUL – Single storey extension and glass panels at the Old Bakehouse, Longborough- pending a response.


  1. Repairs and Maintenance

11.1 Repairs to noticeboard outside village hall –It had been ascertained that the notice board was the property of the parish council and Cllrs McDonagh and Nevin would investigate quotes for repairs.

11.2 Minor works contractor – Mr Penfold was approved as minor works contractor for the council on a needs basis and would submit quotations for any necessary repairs in advance of carrying out work.

11.3 Playground safety – regular checks –Mr and Mrs Wreay kindly agreed to conduct routine inspections on a regular basis and report any problems to the Clerk.

  1. Highways

12.1 20 mph signs on Ganborough Hill – The Clerk agreed to enquire about enforcement for the signs which were only placed on one side of the road

12.2 Street Name Signs – The Clerk would report repairs/replacements required at Orchard Rise and The Folly.

12.3 defects progress against November meeting plan – The updated list had been forwarded to Rhodri Grey at GCC.


  1. Additional items to be brought to our attention

    1. Parish Plan – Nothing further to report.

13.2 Register of Members Interests – No Changes.

13.3 Cotswold District Local Plan 2011-2031 – A copy of the full Plan had now been received and was available for councillors to peruse.

13.4 Calendar of meetings in 2019 and date for Annual Parish Assembly 2019 – Revision of May meeting date to previously circulated meeting dates. May meeting and Annual Parish Assembly will be held on MONDAY 13th MAY commencing at 7pm followed by the Annual and Ordinary meetings of the new council.

13.5 Local Elections –information was provided on the procedures for the forthcoming elections to be held on 2nd May 2019.

13.6 ANPR monitoring cameras – Cllr Wheeler provided the Clerk with information from Bourton on the Water PC regarding cameras that they had installed in the town. This matter would be included on the next agenda for the parish council.

13.7 Flooding on Moreton Road –The Clerk agreed to report problems to GCC Highways which have occurred since Thames Water undertook some works in 2018.

13.8 Vote of thanks- Cllr Gardner, who had worked continuously as a Longborough Parish Councillor since 1985 and who had decided not to stand again in the forthcoming elections, extended his thanks to all his fellow councillors, staff, representatives from other local organisations and members of the community, for their assistance and support during all of his time on the parish council. In return, on behalf of those members of the public who were present, Mrs Wreay thanked Cllr Gardner for all his tireless work for the community of Longborough and sent their good wishes to him for a long and happy retirement from local government life.

The public were asked to leave the meeting at this stage.


The Council resolved unanimously to move into private (confidential) session for the following item due to it contained matters regarding staffing matters.

PT2.1 To agree appointment of a Parish Clerk

It was agreed unanimously that Mrs Jennifer Walsh be re-appointed as Clerk to the council wef 1st April 2019 on her previous pay scale of SCP 26 and all Terms and Conditions of Service to remain unchanged.

The Parish Assembly meeting will be on Monday 13th May 2019 at 7.00pm, followed by the Annual Meeting of the Council and Ordinary meeting.

Meeting closed at 9.45 pm

Signed: (Chairman) Date:




Minutes of meeting held on Monday 14th January 2019 at Longborough Village Hall

Present Cllrs: T Gardner (Vice Chair), L Alvis (Vice Chair), P Nevin, R Wheeler, J McDonagh, P Hayes

Also present Ward Cllr Beale. There were 4 members of the Public present.

As no Clerk was currently in post, Cllr Alvis kindly agreed to take notes of the meeting.

  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Parish Cllr C Taverner and Cllr Stowe.

  1. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest made.

  1. Public Participation

  1. Mrs Margaret Wreay outlined a letter submitted to the Former Parish Clerk (not yet received by the Parish Council) highlighting the intrusive noise of the Plum Tree Close waste entering the mains sewers outside the village playground, and concerns of this increasing with the forthcoming development with copies of Thames Water correspondence. Mrs Wreay thanked the Parish Council for their support and hoped it would continue. Cllr Gardner confirmed that he and Cllr Taverner had received an undertaking by Piper Homes that they would use CDC to certify Building Regulations to ensure continuity of background knowledge of the issues to date. Cllr Nevin highlighted that the Plum Tree Close treatment unit light alarm was going off every night. Cllr Beale would follow up to ensure that Piper Homes meet with LPC to discuss the situation before the required sewage plans were submitted and approved.

  2. Mrs Ruth Wright i) sought confirmation that Cllr Taverner would not be present for the current and next (March 2019) meeting. Cllr Gardner confirmed this. ii) Her request to Cllr Taverner to keep her correspondence out of the last meeting be minuted. Iii) Sought clarification as to how the budget and precept for 2019/20 could be changed by the next Parish Council when they form in May? Cllr Gardner explained that this was not possible as the precept is set by the end of January for the forthcoming financial year. iv) asked what the principles were governing the calculation of the Clerk’s Salary? Cllr Gardner stated that staff salaries were a confidential personnel matter and therefore not for discussion within public meetings. Annual salary costs were displayed in the Final Accounts each year.

  3. Mrs Jenny Hitchman, on behalf of St James Church, asked whether the opportunity for Parish Council Grants for the current financial year had closed as there was concern that this had been missed in part due to the changes in Clerks. Cllr Gardner confirmed that this was now closed but that applications would duly be invited for the 2019/2020.

  1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held 12th November 2018 were approved subject to a correction in the spelling of Cllr Gardner’s name. Proposed by Cllr McDonagh, seconded by Cllr Hayes, and duly signed by Vice Chair Gardner.

  1. Any Matters Arising

  1. Update on purchase of Memorial Plaque at Playground – Cllr Gardner confirmed the plaque for Susan Webber was ready for collection this week. The Council agreed that it should be fitted with several Councillors present and an invitation would be extended to Les Webber for the event.

  1. County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Beale, on behalf of Cllr Stowe, encouraged the Council to look at the GCC budget recommendations and comment.

  1. Ward Councillor’s Report

  1. Cllr Beale reported that whilst there had been no definitive report on the final outcome on the campaign to retain x-ray facilities at North Cotswold Hospital yet, it was thought to have been a very effective campaign.

  2. Cllr Beale confirmed that Spectrum Products at The Sitch had reported finding new premises and would vacate this month.

  3. WWI Memorial fund was underutilised in other wards, and it was likely that this would now be re-titled and become available for more general use, LPC were encouraged to use this if it could help with projects.

  4. CDC proposals for changes to waste collection in the latter half of 2019 had been announced in a Press Release. Notably this would see Tetrapak and household batteries collected from the kerbside. It was also proposed that there would be separation of food and garden waste (food waste in new containers collected weekly, garden waste to be collected fortnightly with a 3 month winter holiday). Cllr Beale to report concerns regarding the reduction in garden waste collections at a meeting on 24th January. Cllr Hayes kindly agreed to summarise the proposals for distribution within the parish.

  5. Cllr Gardner asked Cllr Beale whether the grant used by LPC in previous years for Play Rangers days was still available. Cllr Beale confirmed that it was and he would assist in securing it for LPC if they encountered any difficulties as it has been so successful in the past.

  1. Correspondence

    1. Email from Cllr Taverner suggesting Longborough enter 2020 RHS Britain in Bloom – Council agreed that this was something to be considered at a future date.

    2. Email for Mrs Meg Hancock reference maintenance of village entry gates and memorial benches – Council agreed that the benches should be looked at to ascertain what maintenance is required. It was agreed that the village entry gates would at least need cleaning and should be looked at to assess whether they require repainting. Cllr Gardner and Nevin offered help for repainting if required. Cllr Gardner provided Cllr Taverner’s response regarding the Lantern project; the matter had been discussed and minuted in meetings for at least the last 2 years. Since GCC were replacing all street lights it had been previously debated as to whether LPC contributed to the uplift to lantern from the standard replacements. It was agreed in light of GCC contributing to half the costs, and home-owners contributing too, that the Parish Council would meet the balance of the cost of the new lanterns on four properties. Work would be pending in the near future. Clerk to reply to Mrs Hancock.

  1. Finance

  1. Approval of Payments: Hillscapes £ 1,203.00

  2. Reports to end of December 2018: With access to Bank accounts temporarily blocked, an update cannot be provided at this stage.

  3. Review of Contracts for 2019 – Please refer to Part Two Minutes

  4. Budget 2019/20: The Council agreed on a budget and Precept of £13,700.

  5. Review of Grants: Please refer to Part Two Minutes

  1. Planning/Licensing

  1. Applications Received: No new applications

  2. Application Decisions: Planning application 18/03869/FUL – erection of front porch at Nan Bield had now been approved.

  1. Repairs and Maintenance

11.1 Bus Shelter- Ivy needs cutting back – Cllr McDonagh agreed to cut this off at the base to let die back.

11.2 Steps to footpath (West of Plum Tree Close) in need of repair – Wooden risers at the bottom of the footpath steps had rotted away. Council uncertain as to the ownership of the steps, but thought the land owner of the old Orchard installed them, as such it was agreed in the first instance to approach Piper Homes to look at the repair. Cllr Nevin reported that the hedge was also in need of a cut; Cllr McDonagh emphasised that it would need careful management to ensure just a tidy up and to maintain the hedge for the houses on Charlesway opposite.

11.3 Notice Board Repairs (at Village Hall) – A quote has been provided by the Village Hall Committee. It was agreed that the Council, as it used half, should contribute the same to the costs but firstly would need to seek further clarification of the quote, and arrangements regarding fitting. Cllr Gardner to approach Village Hall Committee for the information; also check feasibility of reclaiming VAT.

  1. Highways

    1. 20mph sign on Ganborough Hill – (and also now noted on New Road) Progress had temporarily been delayed due to staffing at the parish council, but this would now be pursued.

    2. Street Name Signs – Orchard Rise sign had collapsed It was reported that the The Folly sign was also badly faded. Cllr Gardner suggested the Council write to Lawrence King at the District Council as these signs fell within their responsibility.

    3. Highways defects progress against November Meeting Plan – Advance warning of junction sign towards the A429 was reinstalled in December; Large fallen rock on New Road has been removed; Cllr McDonagh awaiting confirmation of quotes for repairs to the damaged stone steps outside Coach and Horses; LPC to inform Rhodri Grey (GCC Highways) that the broken Longborough directional sign on the A429 Junction is thought to be as a result of a traffic accident.

    4. Cllr Wheeler asked as to the situation with the collapsed No Parking sign from the bottom of the War Memorial. It was noted by the Council that there had been a number of cars parking on the grass-crete. However, whilst creating more space at the lower end, the tight chicane created at the top of the road and the disrespectful nature of parking on the War Memorial grass were agreed undesirable by the Council and the sign should be re-instated. Cllr Wheeler agreed to look into sourcing a new pole for the sign.

  1. Additional items to be brought to our attention

    1. Parish Plan – Cllr Gardner to find more recent photos from Alan Bush to refresh the document.

    2. Victorian Style Lanterns – Discussed earlier meeting in response to Mrs Meg Hancock’s correspondence

    3. Register of Members Interests – No Changes.

    4. Cotswold District Local Plan 2011-2031 – A copy of the full Plan had now been received and was available for councillors to peruse.

    5. Calendar of meetings in 2019 and date for Annual Parish Assembly 2019 – Revision of May meeting date to previously circulated meeting dates. May meeting and Annual Parish Assembly will be held on MONDAY 13th MAY (Time to be confirmed; provisionally 7pm).

Vi Parish Work Following report of a number of minor repairs and maintenance issues that had recently come to light, it was agreed that an approach would be made to a contractor to ascertain availability and a price for carrying such works for the parish council and a report made at the next meeting.

The public were asked to leave the meeting at this stage.


The Council resolved unanimously to move into private (confidential) session for the following items for reasons that they contained matters regarding the award of contracts and staffing matters.

PT1 Review of Grounds and Grass Contract 2019

The Council agreed that having gone out to tender last financial year, and having had another satisfactory years performance from Hillscapes, the quotation of £2,177 would be accepted for 2019/20. Proposed by Cllr Nevin and seconded by Cllr McDonagh and approved unanimously.


PT2 Budget and Precept for 2019/20

Following detailed discussion, the budget and Precept was fixed at £13,700 for 2019/20. Proposed by Cllr Gardner, seconded by Cllr Nevin and agreed unanimously.


PT 3 Review of Grants for local organisations

It was agreed that the grants should not be revisited at this stage, but going forward full consideration should be made each year to ensure that the village institutions benefit as much as possible from the precept.


PT 4 Staffing – Interim Parish Clerk arrangements for vacant post

The Council agreed unanimously that the former Clerk, Mrs Jennifer Walsh, be appointed on a temporary basis as Acting Clerk until a suitable replacement for Mrs Buchanan, who resigned at the end of November, could be found. Mrs Walsh to be employed on the same terms and conditions as previously but on a timesheet/ hourly rate basis plus travel.

The next meeting will be on Monday 11th March 2019 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 10.05pm

Signed: (Chairman) Date:




Minutes of meeting held on Monday 12th November 2018 at Longborough Village Hall

Present Cllrs: C Taverner (Chair), L Alvis (Vice Chair), P Nevin, P Hayes, J McDonagh, R Wheeler

Also present Mrs M Buchanan (Clerk), Ward Cllr Beale & Cllr Stowe There were 2 members of the public present.

  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Parish Councillor T Gardener

  1. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations made.

  1. Public Participation There were no questions from the public for the council.


  1. Approval of minutes: The minutes of the ordinary meeting held on the 10th September 2018 were previously circulated.

The Minutes for the meeting were approved unanimously by the council as true and accurate records and duly signed by the Chairman.

  1. Matters Arising: from the last meeting, but not an agenda item (For information only)

    1. Update on purchase of memorial plaque for playground – Due to apologies from Cllr Gardener no update could be given, and it was agreed the item would be discussed on the next Agenda.


  1. County Councillor’s report – Cllr Stowe reported on the following matters:

    1. The investment into the repair of highways has started with the Fosseway, Todenham and Cirencester. The repairs to the B roads will begin next year. With a full upgrade of the roads we should see a definite improvement in the roads, resulting in less potholes over the winter.

    2. Patching work on Longborough High street is scheduled for this year. Cllr Taverner updated Cllr Stowe and the Council on the outcome of the Highways Maintenance meeting held Tuesday 6th November. Cllr Stowe suggested the Clerk keep a list of all maintenance required and not to remove the item until Rhodri Grey confirms it has been rectified.

    3. Cllr Stowe reported on a new Grants Pot available for one off expenditures and non-recurring spends. £500 is available per application, and ideally 1 application would be approved a year for 3 years.

    4. Cllr Wheeler raised concerns after a resident had fallen in the road and it took over 50 minutes for the ambulance to respond. Cllr Stowe addressed the concerns stating that although the ambulance service is not where we want it to be, it has improved in the last 2 years. Cllr Nevin stressed that during a serious accident an air ambulance would not respond to 2 calls made from the public but arrived after called by the police.


  1. District Councillor’s report - Ward Councillor Beale reported to the council on the following matters:

    1. Mark Annett has retired as Chairman at Cotswold District Council and the group have now elected Tony Berry as his replacement, who has a wide experience in finance and finance management to bring to the position.

    2. Following an active and successful weekend, Cllr Beale reported that one of the finalists at the Community Awards was a resident of Longborough Parish, Keith Elwood was recognised for his Litter Picking Initiative. Remembrance Sunday was also very successful throughout Gloucestershire, and it was reported that Cirencester completed a Guinness World Record for the largest Human Poppy, made up of over 3000 people

    3. It was reported that there have been some problems around Cllr Beale’s Ward with bin collections. He informed the council that GCC are awaiting new collection Lorries shortly. Fortunately Longborough have not reported any such issues with rubbish collections.

    4. A defibrillation talk was held on the 1st November, giving advice on maintenance and costs. The council thanked Patricia Hayes for attending on behalf of LPC

    5. The council was informed that Spectrum Products had been asked to put forward planning to sell goods from their premises. They already have permission to sell liquor but their request to sell goods was denied and they were ordered to cease selling. They have decided to move premises now and requested to the end of December before they cease. These terms had been accepted by CDC. (Cllr Alvis declared an interest in this matter).

    6. Cllr Beale declared he would be attending the Planning Committee meeting on the 14th November regarding Plum Tree 2. He reported that the planning officer is recommending approval, but he intends to request a deferment of the decision. The non-satisfactory infrastructure, and the unsuitable sewage link was discussed in great depth. Council concerns included the maintenance agreement with Bromford and Piper Homes and the lack of confidence that Bromfords will respond to fix urgent problems. Cllr Beale agreed to take the council’s concerns to the meeting Thursday.


  1. Correspondence

    1. Water in Charlesway North – Correspondence was addressed during Cllr Stowe’s report. Cllr Taverner to respond to Mr & Mrs Wreay with an update.

    2. Plum Orchard – it was requested that this Correspondence not be discussed during the meeting.


  1. Finance

    1. Payments Oct/Nov 2018 were approved unanimously as follows: Play Gloucestershire £2015.00; Clerk Salary Oct (Data Protected); Clerk Expenses Oct £17.77; Charles Taverner £22.35; Tim Gardener £50.00; Fasthost £5.99; Clerk Salary Nov (Data Protected); Clerk Expenses Nov £24.95; Fasthost £5.99;

    2. Financial reports to end Oct 2018

    3. Xmas Tree 2018 Longborough Christmas tree discussed at a cost of £100 + VAT, Proposed by Cllr McDonagh, seconded by Cllr Wheeler

    4. CPRE Membership – Membership for Campaign to Protect Rural England discussed, donation of £25 to continue membership proposed by Cllr Nevin, seconded by Cllr McDonagh

    5. Parish Council Grants – Request to revisit parish grants postponed due to Section 7 of the Standing Orders. There is a six month rule preventing re-visiting that decision before 6 months has elapsed. 

    6. Victorian Style Lanterns – Item bought forward from additional items on Agenda. Cllr Taverner reported on the update to the Victorian Style Lanterns including resident’s contributions. Following the communication from another neighbour, it was reported that 4 lanterns would now be replaced. Therefore the total proposed cost to LPC will be increased from the previous approved amount by £417 to £2,325. The increased cost to £2,325 was proposed by Cllr Nevin, and seconded by Cllr Wheeler.

  1. Planning/Licensing

  1. Planning/Licensing Applications received/responses:

18/02881/FUL – Erection of L shaped stable block on Land opposite Luckley Farm – No Objections

18/02882/FUL – Demolition of the existing building and the construction of 6 residential apartments at Blue Cedar House, Moreton-In-Marsh – Longborough Parish Council Object as follows: this is a massive overdevelopment of this site with the apartment buildings effectively three stories high as they have roof accommodation, this should be limited to two stories as higher is inappropriate for this residential area of low rise housing. The entrance onto the Fosseway is also unacceptable given the huge amount of traffic already using this stretch of road and with planning already agreed for hundreds of new homes opposite the hospital. 

18/03585/FUL – Construction of care community, on Land adjacent To Fosse Garden Centre Stow Road Moreton-In-Marsh Gloucestershire – Longborough Parish Council Object due to the concerns that the A429 cannot withstand more development and Traffic. The imminent development of the farm land within a hundred yards of this location has plans for hundreds of new homes with many hundreds of additional vehicle movements from this site alone which together with the new Aldi, the Hospital and the petrol station will see more gridlocked traffic along this stretch of road. There appear to be a number of current/immediate past applications which are being dealt with piecemeal with no co-ordinated approach brought about by CDC/GCC. The scale of new dwellings at this already crowded stretch has already seen minor accidents due to misreading signals for the several close entrances.  

18/03849/TCONR - Works to trees at Rose Bank, Chapel Lane – No Objection

18/02207/REM – Approval of Reserved Matters for Development of up to 14 dwellings at Plum Orchard – Longborough Parish Council Objects due to As it does not appear that regard has been had to the comments previously submitted, Longborough Parish Council OBJECTS to this application on the following grounds: Affordable and shared housing 1. LPC would like to see larger plot sizes for all affordable properties. Some slight loss of garden space could be borne to support more generous garden sizes for the affordable property. 2. Plots 8 and 9 should be placed nearest to the parking areas as these properties could be allocated to either elderly or disabled persons who would need close access to their vehicles. Plot 10 would therefore be moved the other end of the row of three, i.e. to the position currently occupied by plot 8. 3. The path of grass between parking for plots 10 and 11 should be used to provide two more parking spaces for either visitors or residents. Open space 1. A clearly defined boundary for the area designated for possible transfer to either the Parish Council or a Management Company is required by LPC in order to consider its future liabilities. In particular, clarification of hedges and tree borders that would fall within the transfer. 2. LPC seeks an undertaking that all legal costs (including scrutiny of any proposed Agreements by a legal professional) would be borne by the developers or current land owners. 3. The level of specification referred to in Article 4.2or the S106 Agreement reference ‘Lay out the open space in accordance with the approved open space plan and in accordance with all current health and safety requirements’ should be clarified before approval of this application. 4. The pond is clearly not within the area that would be designated for adoption, but LPC the issues of public liability must be defined. 5. The upper boundary of the development and landscaped area above the pathway to properties 8, 9 and 10 should be increased by 2or 3 metres to form a better barrier between the edge of the development and the houses and further planted with trees and/or bushes. 6. The proposed footpath running north/south alongside the length of the open play space is unnecessary and will inhibit use of that space. The existing path running east/west parallel to Charlesway should be formalised and no other path provided, beyond those associated with the new roads. 7. No lighting plan is available and should be submitted before approval is given as lighting should be in keeping with the rest of the village. 8. In view of the problems associated with the sewage system for Plum Tree Close to which it is proposed to add the sewage from this development detailed plans of the sewage system should be submitted and published before approval is given. Building Regulation approval may be self-certified or given by another authority unaware of the problems and this process is, in the opinion of LPC, inadequate.

18/03869 – Erection of front porch at Nan Bield High Street – No Objection

18/03886/FUL – Conservatory extension at Cherry Tree Cottage Chapel Lane – Council agreed to suspend comment pending a site visit.


  1. Planning/Licensing Application Decisions

18/03336/ENQ – Removal of internal stud walling – grade II listed at the Old Bake House – Replied to Enquiry

18/02881/FUL – Erection of L shaped stable block on Land opposite Luckley Farm – Application Permitted

  1. Repairs and maintenance


  1. Highways

    1. Meeting with Rhodri Grey – Cllr Taverner reported on the meeting with Rhodri Grey from GCC Highways and Mr Roberts (Harry) from Amey. All items on the highways maintenance list were addressed and discussed for repair. Most items were discussed previously in the council meeting with Cllr Stowe.

    2. Footpath maintenance – path between shop and Charlesway North – This agenda point was discussed during the meeting with Rhodri Grey, suggestions for Gravel to improve slip hazards over winter were discussed.

    3. Footpath Signs – Signs discussed during Highways meeting.

    4. 20 mph signs on Ganborough Hill Additional items to be brought to our attention – This point was deferred during this meeting and agreed to be on the Agenda of the next meeting in January.


  1. Additional items to be brought to our attention

    1. Plum Tree 2 – Continuing on from Cllr Beale’s report earlier in the meeting, a member of the public raised concerns with regards to the changes in layout to the original application of Plum Tree 2, stating that the fundamental issue was allowing something suburban in nature to be built not in keeping with the Longborough Village. Cllr Taverner explained that the council could only discuss and object to Reserved Matters relating to application 18/02207/REM not factors of the original application. The Meeting being held on the 14th November would be covering these reserved matters, and not matters concerning configuration of the Private homes that were agreed with the CDC as being required to support the Affordable dwellings and financial contributions under Section 106 provisions.

Cllr Wheeler raised concerns that there were no private bungalows available for residents to downsize into, only 4 & 5 bedroom houses; the bungalows are only available for affordable housing.
Cllr Taverner read out correspondence from Martin Perks regarding the responses from both the CDC and Piper homes regarding council objections and concerns submitted. Council agreed Objection still stands and to await outcome from the committee meeting. Piper homes cannot start building until the reserved matters are approved.

    1. Review of Parish Plan – Cllr Alvis reported on the update of the Parish Plan, council agreed the plan would go to Cllr Gardener for input before circulation to the rest of the council.

    2. Victorian Style Lanterns – Item discussed during Finance section.

    3. CCTV – Cllr Nevin discussed the ANPR that Bourton-on-the-Water intended to install and why this would be of benefit to LPC. Following on from the previous meeting the Clerk had been in contact with Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council and would forward communications on to Cllr Taverner to follow up on. Cllr Taverner to report back during the next meeting.

    4. Register of Members Interests – No Councillors interests had changed since starting at LPC.

    5. Cotswold District Local Plan – 2011-2031

    6. Calendar of meetings in 2019 - discussed and agreed by council.


  1. AOB

    1. Resignation of Parish Clerk accepted, job vacancy advertised.

Meeting Closed.