Coronavirus – Bins and Recycling Message from CDC

Cotswold District Council – Waste and recycling collections

CDC household waste and recycling collections are operating as planned after the launch of the new service and are not affected by Coronavirus.   However, please do not leave extra bags at the side of your bin, we will not be able to collect them.  Leave out your normal amount of recycling for collection.

NOTE : Regarding garden waste, please be aware that CDC have suspended garden waste collections from 26 March 2020 due to a number of waste collection staff being required to self-isolate.

Please do not attempt to take any garden waste to any of the County Council’s Household Recycling Centres, as these are currently closed.  CDC apologise for any inconvenience caused and they will provide updates on when the service will start again as soon as they can.

What to do with your rubbish if you have Coronavirus or are self-isolating?  You should follow the guidance on the Public Health England website if anyone in your household suspects they have Coronavirus.

Individuals with confirmed Coronavirus can store their personal waste (for example, used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths) securely within disposable bags. When appropriate, these bags should be removed and placed into another bag and securely tied or sealed and kept separate from other wastes.  This must be stored for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual domestic or household waste bin.  Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

Recycling centres – All household waste recycling centres are now closed on advice from the Government until further notice.