Parish Council Web Site Upgrade

We’re excited to announce that over the next week or so, your Parish Council website is being refreshed with a whole new look. The updated site will include changes to navigation, improved security, compliance with the all the latest accessibility standards and a more effective structure of our content. The intention is to make your experience of the site that much better for you whilst maintaining all our existing services, including community updates and subscriptions to Parish Council emails.

There is no need for any action on your part and we hope you will find the changes helpful.


Temporary Closure of Various Roads

Gloucestershire County Council has made an order to temporarily close part of some roads in the Longborough and Sezincote area, as well as further afield in the Cotswolds in order to fell infected ash trees within falling distance of the highway. The roads are expected to be closed on a rolling programme commencing 1st November 2021 between the hours of 09:30 and 15:30, excluding weekends, where the presence of approved signage will indicate whether the closures are in force.  It is anticipated all works will be completed by 31st March 2022.

For further information, please click here.

Polite Reminder – What not to Flush!

Most of you are probably already aware of the fact that the drainage and sewage infrastructure here in Longborough is, like many in our area, a gravity-fed system.  This is quite common  but it does have one drawback, that being that any and all (including inappropriate) items flushed away into the drainage/sewage system all end up combining and potentially blocking key parts of the system.

A blockage of this type happened recently as a result of an accumulation of wet wipes in the system, and this in turn led to a serious overflow from the sewage manhole near the childrens playground in Charlesway.   Clearly this is undesirable and is a potential public health matter for residents and visitors alike.

Could we therefore ask all residents to be considerate about what they flush into the system.  The key message from Thames Water is the three P’s rule  – that is, to remember that when it comes to what’s flushable; pee, poo, paper. Nothing else!

For more information, click on Thames Water’s “Bin it – don’t block it” message here.

Thank you.

Longborough Parish Council

Imminent Roadworks – “The Crook”

Gloucestershire County Council (Highways Department) have published notice of roadworks in the Longborough area as follows:

7 September 2021:  Road closed between 09:30 and 15:30

Location: The Crook, from its junction with A424 To Longborough to outside the entrance to The Arboretum, for a distance of approximately 225 metres.

Works description: The reason for the closure is to provide a safe working zone for workers undertaking overhead cabling works.

Responsibility for works: BT Openreach

Improved safety for our schoolchildren

We are delighted that, with the support of GCC Highways department, today has seen the installation of a pedestrian guard rail outside the main entrance to Longborough Primary School.  The school entrance is on a busy part of the village road system, where vehicles are in close proximity to schoolchildren at the beginning and end of the school day.  The guardrail will improve safety for schoolchildren, teachers, parents and pedestrians alike and we’re happy that it has been installed in time for the new school year starting in the autumn.

Footpath Cleared

With many thanks to our friends at Cotswold National Landscape for their help,  the very overgrown footpath that runs parallel to the Upper Town House boundary has now been cleared.  Their team of enthusiastic volunteer wardens worked diligently among the brambles and nettles to clear the path and even helped shore up the steps at the entrance.  Thank you Stephen, Mike and all the team!

Significant Planning Application – Moreton Road – DATE UPDATE

UPDATE – The planning application currently under consideration by Cotswold District Council (CDC) concerning the demolition of Upper Town House, Moreton Road and the construction of 6 houses and accompanying parking has a new consultation expiry date of July 7th 2021.

The details of the application can be reached by clicking here.  There is also a “Make a Comment” button on that page that will provide you access to an online form that can be used to provide your comments as part of the consultation process.