Withdrawal of Garden Waste Collection

Cotswold District Council has been obliged to withdraw entirely until further notice the fortnightly collection of garden waste in the Green Bins. This unhappy decision results from a substantial staff shortage which is in turn influenced by the current national crisis and the circumstances are made yet more testing by the fact that the Tips and Recycling Centres are now closed.

CDC will keep us all informed of future developments and the Green Bin License (and Fee) for the new 20/21 Year may be left in abeyance for the present.

Coronavirus – Bins and Recycling Message from CDC

Cotswold District Council – Waste and recycling collections

CDC household waste and recycling collections are operating as planned after the launch of the new service and are not affected by Coronavirus.   However, please do not leave extra bags at the side of your bin, we will not be able to collect them.  Leave out your normal amount of recycling for collection.

NOTE : Regarding garden waste, please be aware that CDC have suspended garden waste collections from 26 March 2020 due to a number of waste collection staff being required to self-isolate.

Please do not attempt to take any garden waste to any of the County Council’s Household Recycling Centres, as these are currently closed.  CDC apologise for any inconvenience caused and they will provide updates on when the service will start again as soon as they can.

What to do with your rubbish if you have Coronavirus or are self-isolating?  You should follow the guidance on the Public Health England website if anyone in your household suspects they have Coronavirus.

Individuals with confirmed Coronavirus can store their personal waste (for example, used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths) securely within disposable bags. When appropriate, these bags should be removed and placed into another bag and securely tied or sealed and kept separate from other wastes.  This must be stored for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual domestic or household waste bin.  Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

Recycling centres – All household waste recycling centres are now closed on advice from the Government until further notice.

Gloucestershire Community Help Hub

Gloucestershire’s councils and partners have created a community help hub to connect local people who need help, with others who can provide the support they need.

As further measures are put in place to delay the spread of Covid-19, local people have already started to pull together to arrange help in their area for those who need it, but not everyone has existing connections.  In response, councils across Gloucestershire have come together with the police and health partners to create the hub to connect local people who need help, with individuals, groups and businesses who can provide the support they need.

The hub includes four forms:

‘I can offer help’ – is for those who are able to support neighbours with tasks such as picking up prescriptions, shopping, dog walking and more.
‘I need help’ – can be used by individuals to ask for support.
‘My neighbour needs help’ – may be used by people to request help on behalf of a neighbour, relative or friend who cannot access the internet themselves.
‘My business can help’ – will allow local businesses who may have skills and resources others could benefit from, to offer their help.

People who cannot go online can register by phone on 01452 583519 Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm.  If you’re part of an existing community group who can offer help locally, we’d still like you to register.  The information collected will be shared daily with the relevant local council who will connect people who can help each other, or if appropriate refer individuals to an existing service.

The hub is accessible from every district council website, and from the county council’s website at https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/helphub

Children Play Area Closed

Due to government restrictions in connection with limiting the spread of Corona Virus, the playground at the bottom of Charlesway is now closed and out of bounds to all.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you and your families but ask you to respect this closure in order to protect all our families during this difficult time.

Thank you.

Longborough Village Spring Clean – Cancellation

We are sorry to announce that due to the UK government’s latest announcement regarding staying at home to help combat the Coronavirus pandemic, the village spring clean planned for March 28th is now cancelled.  We would like to thank everyone who was planning to support the initiative.

Waste Collections

New Service Starting Tuesday 24th March

Reminder – The new collection arrangements start this week.

Here is a summary of the service.  The new black food bin is for food waste only and will be collected weekly, starting Tuesday 24th March.

The following containers will be collected fortnightly, again with the first collection being made on Tuesday 24th March:

  • The new larger blue bag for cardboard (replaces your current smaller blue bag).
  • The grey wheelie bin for land fill refuse (no change).
  • The green wheelie bin (if you subscribe to that service) for garden waste only.  Please do not put food waste in the green wheelie bin as it will not be collected if you do.
  • The current white bag for mixed recycling such as tins, cans, empty aerosols, clean foil, plastic bottles, pots, trays etc.  Tetra Pak cartons can now also be included.
  • The current black recycling boxes – one for paper and another for unbroken glass (bottles, jars etc).

If you need any further information, click here

St. James’ Church News

Letter from Rev. Stephen Wookey

Dear friends

Forgive another letter but it has been another extraordinary day, and we feel it is important to keep everyone as up to date as possible. The Archbishops of York and Canterbury published some advice earlier today, and the Diocese of Gloucester has written since to ensure we are clear as to the next steps. This is in essence what we have been told, with some comments of my own on how we are dealing with it here [my words in the square brackets].

Public worship will have to stop with immediate effect. Our usual pattern of Sunday services and other mid-week gatherings must be put on hold. [What we are planning instead is to live stream both morning services on a Sunday either through Facebook and / or YouTube. We will let you know later this week how to find it, but it should be on the front page of our website.]

Weddings and baptisms can take place, provided you follow all the national guidance and hygiene measures. BUT they can only be attended by a small number of people, who must be able to follow physical distancing guidelines. People need to remain two metres apart from each other [I presume the bride and groom are excepted! We have let the various couples who are getting married in April know, and will contact the others shortly]

Wedding banns: banns cannot currently be read, as there is no principle service. Details from the registry will be on the diocesan website by Friday.

Funerals: at present the same guidance as with weddings and baptisms applies to funerals. We expect further guidance on this over the next couple of days.

Non-essential face to face pastoral visits should be changed to conversations over the phone/Skype etc. [We hope to be able to pray with people over the phone.]

All non-essential meetings, committees and boards should be cancelled. That includes PCCs, Chapters and Synods. The Diocese will share further guidance around how good governance is continued during the coming weeks.

APCMs advice will be coming out in the next few days. We expect these to be postponed, but we will keep you updated.

Home groups etc: should not meet physically but could be done in a different way, using Facebook or Zoom etc. [This relates to our home groups, Mums and Tots, Christianity Explored, prayer meetings, Men’s group, Women’s Bible Studies etc.]

Whilst no public services will happen this Mothering Sunday (22 March), we ask that you join in with the Archbishops’ National Day of Prayer. And remember we are encouraging everyone to join us in prayer – spiritually not physically – every evening at 9 pm. I am sorry this is so draconian but we all understand the reasons why. My prayer is that rather than our being divided by our not meeting together, we will actually find we draw closer as we pray, share over the phone, by text, Skype or email, and it will give us a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with others.

With my very best wishes in our Lord Jesus Christ