Polite Reminder – What not to Flush!

Most of you are probably already aware of the fact that the drainage and sewage infrastructure here in Longborough is, like many in our area, a gravity-fed system.  This is quite common  but it does have one drawback, that being that any and all (including inappropriate) items flushed away into the drainage/sewage system all end up combining and potentially blocking key parts of the system.

A blockage of this type happened recently as a result of an accumulation of wet wipes in the system, and this in turn led to a serious overflow from the sewage manhole near the childrens playground in Charlesway.   Clearly this is undesirable and is a potential public health matter for residents and visitors alike.

Could we therefore ask all residents to be considerate about what they flush into the system.  The key message from Thames Water is the three P’s rule  – that is, to remember that when it comes to what’s flushable; pee, poo, paper. Nothing else!

For more information, click on Thames Water’s “Bin it – don’t block it” message here.

Thank you.

Longborough Parish Council